The ASI Awards Panel is pleased to announce that judging of this year’s nominations is now complete and the winners are as follows:

Air Ambulance Award           Sgt David Currie -  Search and Rescue RAF Valley

Control Room Award            Heather Wilson – East of England Ambulance Service

First Aid CFR Award              Brian Pickup and Dawn Taylor – NWAS

Front Line Ambulance           Neil Asmore and Sarah Lawrence – WMAS

Innovation Award                      Mental Health Response Unit – WMAS

Military Award                            Sgt Simeon Tomlinson – RAF 4626 AES & EEAS

Paramedic/ECP Award           Alex Watts – East of England Ambulance Service

Patient Transport                      Justine Newton and Stephen Dines – EEAS

President’s Commendation    Clive Parnham – East of England Ambulance Service

Steve Harris – West Midlands Ambulance Service

President’s Special Award      Billy McPhail and Gareth Ayres

Special Incident Award           Louise Smith and Joanne Taylor – EMAS

Due to the Election in May, the Awards Ceremony was on 25th June this year.

These winners received their awards from Baroness Browning at an afternoon tea ceremony at the House of Lords with about 100 guests being present. Details of the Ceremony with photographs can be found in the Awards Pages.

The Public Spirited Award  is being held over pending the outcome of an inquest. After the inquest the Award(s) will be made at a small local ceremony.


John Newman completed his three years as President of the Ambulance Service Institute at the Annual General Meeting held at the Emergency Services Show on 25th September 2013. In his retiring speech John said that he had mixed feelings of both sadness and pleasure that he had now reached the end of his three years as President of ASI. He had very much enjoyed his three years as President, but was disappointed that he had not been able to complete all the projects that he had planned. Last year had definitely not been a good year in that he had not been able to devote as much time to ASI as he had hoped due to other commitments. However, his impending retirement from work (on 27th September) might enable him to make a bigger commitment to ASI.

John  performed the official handing over of the chain of office to the incoming President, Dr Peter Griffin

Peter thanked John for all his work during the three year Presidency. Peter said that he had taken over the Presidency at a very good time. John had done a lot of the spade work to bring ASI up to date and it would now be up to him to reap the rewards during his three years in office. Peter said that ASI had had to make major changes to its role over the last few years. Having initially started out as a training organisation, this role was now more or less defunct (apart from overseas) due to the fact that most Ambulance training was now University based.

The main focus of ASI should now be the Awards. Rewarding outstanding work in the out of hospital care arena was a good way to continue to encourage and promote the highest quality of treatment and effectiveness of out of hospital care”, one of the key aims of the Institute. During his Presidency Peter said he would try to enhance the status of the Awards, and especially to try to get more publicity. It was disappointing to hear of outstanding work and only be able to give an engraved glass plate or bowl without the wider general public being made aware of these actions that are occurring daily in the Emergency Services.

Peter also said that the ASI Board would need to look seriously at what we could provide for members. Currently this was very little. However, meetings during the Emergency Services Show had opened the door to the possibility of having some good CPD activities for members. Peter would be exploring this with the ASI Board and looking at other membership benefits.