About Us

The ‘Ambulance Service Institute” (ASI) was formed by staff who worked for the National Health Service Ambulance Services in 1976 by the amalgamation of three previous Institutes, the “Institute of Ambulance Officers’ (IAO), the ‘Institute of Certified Ambulance Personnel” (ICAP) and the “National Institute of Ambulance Instructors” (NIAI). It has members throughout the UK NHS ambulance services and in various overseas ambulance services.

The ASI is a non-union, strictly non-political, independent institute whose membership is dedicated to improving, monitoring and raising the standards and quality of ambulance provision and thereby improving the professionalism and quality of care available to patients.

Membership of the Ambulance Service Institute was originally restricted to employees of the National Health Service Ambulance Services. However in 1998, in recognition of the increase in formal involvement of the voluntary aid societies, private ambulance services and the military in pre hospital care, membership of the Institute was opened to non-NHS personnel.

Membership of the institute is now open to all those involved in out of hospital ambulance service delivery, including those providing patient transport services, control and communications personnel, management and trainers.

Members of the voluntary aid societies or groups, community first responders, military medical staff, oil rig medics, private ambulance service employees, cave and mountain rescue teams, RNLI, fire and rescue personnel, individuals in police and security organisations who are engaged in out of hospital patient emergency care or individuals who have a strong involvement in pre hospital care are encouraged to join.

Initial membership entry is normally at Associate, with progression to the grades of, Member, Graduate and Fellowship.

The Management Board of the Institute is composed of ASI members who are elected by the Institutes membership. The Institute does not have any full or part-time paid officials.

In 1986, the Institute was granted the use of Her Majesty’s crown badge emblem. (shown on the top left of this page) It is strictly reserved for use by the Institute’s officers and board of Management, and cannot be used on anything sold for profit