You will probably be aware that the Ambulance Service Institute (ASI) was formed in 1976 by the amalgamation of three previous Institutes, the “Institute of Ambulance Officers’ (IAO), the ‘Institute of Certified Ambulance Personnel” (ICAP) and the “National Institute of Ambulance Instructors” (NIAI). Our original focus was very much directed towards training and qualifications to assist our members in advancing their careers in the Ambulance Service.


With advances in ambulance care, the introduction of new advanced technology and clinical techniques, ambulance training has become much more academic with the majority of courses now being at, or at least linked to universities and similar institutions. Unfortunately, the ASI has not been able to maintain its involvement in ambulance training (except in some areas overseas) and our focus has gradually become more concentrated on the Ambulance Service Institute Awards. These Awards encourage and promote the highest quality of treatment and effectiveness of out of hospital care by acknowledging exceptional acts of professionalism or sustained periods of exemplary service (details of the last few Awards Ceremonies can be found at http://www.asi-international.com/?page_id=242).


The ASI Awards Ceremony is a very prestigious event held at the House of Lords’ for the last five years under the sponsorship of our host Baroness Browning. They are the only National Awards specifically for ambulance staff and cover all areas including Military, NHS, Private and Voluntary. Feedback from winners is extremely positive with many saying that receiving the Award was one of the best days of their life.


As a result of the changes in ambulance training and the change in focus of ASI from training to supporting the Awards, the ASI Board acknowledges that it now provides very little in the way of benefits for ASI Members. The Board has, therefore, decided that we should no longer continue ASI Membership in its current form. Members now have two choices:


1.         Those members who want to continue to support the activities of the Institute (mainly the Awards) need to take no action. Your membership subscription will be taken as a “donation” to support the ASI Awards activities and related actions. We have only been able to continue the ASI Awards by using subscription money provided by our members. Members who continue to support the ASI in this way may continue to use any ASI post-nominals as previously. We will no longer be producing membership cards.


2.         Members who do not wish to contribute their subscription towards the running of the ASI Awards should cancel their Standing Order or Direct Debit immediately. Your membership of ASI will then cease.


Whatever your decision, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of ASI in the past and we wish you all the best for the future.

We would particularly like to contact the following members where we have no contact details:

Flute RJ

Hounslow W F

Jones B    F6318

Murray W A

Nicholson A P

Reynolds M

Smith     F0129

Woolf/Pemberton  2988

Please contact ambulanceserviceinstitute@yahoo.co.uk